45 Days in Puerto Vallarta

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I’ve just spent 45 days in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and it has truly been a life changing experience.  

The time here has allowed me to recharge, reflect and reenergize.  

It all started with the warm friendly environment where I walk the beach every morning, meditate, meet new people and watch the sunsets from the rooftop of my condo every evening.

When I arrived, I had an immediate connection and an intuitive feeling for this place, an energy I never found anywhere else except in the Mediterranean when we lived in Naples, Italy. 

I needed to recharge my batteries and being here has certainly allowed me to do that.  

The people I have met have been extremely friendly and hospitable.  My good friend Marcy insisted I come here for a visit (my first time) and introduced me to many local expats who have now become my great friends.  They have welcomed me like I was a member of their family.  

Not to mention the great food here in Puerto Vallarta and the culture is amazing.  

I have been to Mexico before but not to Puerto Vallarta.  What I am experiencing here is so different, so exhilarating and so refreshing.  So yes I am recharged because of it!

Being here for the last 45 days has also allowed me time to reflect on my life, to really dive deep into my plans and to reconsider what I have been doing.

All the noise of the daily rat race that would normally get in my way are gone.  No interruptions or diversions.  

The time here has allowed me to focus purely on myself, my life and my vision.

As a result, I now have so much more clarity on what I want in my life, what my purpose is, what my goals are, and where I want to go.  And I know this is the lifestyle I want for my future.

Finally, recharging and reflecting have given me me the courage to take action. 

I have made major decisions already (in just 3 weeks of being here,  I invested in a property) and have also taken the steps necessary to optimize/leverage my real estate and financial holdings. 

Would this have happened if I was not here in Puerto Vallarta?  I will never know the answer to this question but it does not really matter.

What matters is that I am rejuvenated, I have reflected on my life and where I want to go. 

I’ve made new plans and have made the decisions necessary to accomplish it.  

For that I am eternally grateful for the time spent here. 

Do you need to have 45 days in PV?  Let’s talk because I’m coming back here and maybe you can join me!

Muchas Gracias Puerto Vallarta!


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