4 Simple Ways to be “Il Positivo”

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4 Simple Ways to be “Il Positivo”!

We all know many people in our lives that fall prey to negative thinking on a regular basis. Is the glass half empty or half full?  If it’s always half empty, it is always doom and gloom. But this negative thinking is really just a mindset, a bad habit and there are way too many people like that. 

So, what do we do?  Well we have to be aware that we are acting that way.  Once we are aware then we can take the steps necessary to correct it.  Here are 4 simple ways to change your mindset from negative to positive and start attracting people to you like a magnet!

1. Always visualize the positive.  Okay this takes effort. Picturing in your mind what you want to accomplish or the person you would like to be can be a great motivator and motivation is positive.  Think of ways to turn visualization into action – picture these actions in your mind and how you would do them.  We all did this as children (they were called dreams), but some of us have forgotten how to dream and visualize. 

Another way is to create  a vision or dream board.  This is a board with pictures of what you want and who you want to be.  This helps you to stay positive and keep you on the right track.  Have it displayed somewhere prominent where you can look at it every day.  This will help enforce a positive mindset, because you will be thinking of encouraging and motivational things!

2. Be positive about yourself.  The first thing you can do is practice positive affirmations every day.  Tell yourself you are beautiful, you are a leader, you are a great Mom or Dad, or whatever it is about you that makes you feel good about YOU! Maybe someone complimented you recently – then use that as an affirmation. When you have a negative thought, recognize it and create a happy though or positive image. Psychotherapists recommend this technique all the time.  In this situation you are controlling your thoughts and you are directing your thinking to a better place. 

Give yourself credit – rather than focusing just on the mistakes you may have made in accomplishing something, look at the big picture.  Did you take on something out of your comfort zone?  Did you demonstrate leadership?  Were you innovative?  Did you lead a team or were you a great team player? Did you not give up?

Thomas Edison once said “I haven’t failed, I just found 10,000 ways that don’t work.”  He was giving himself credit for not giving up and still looking for a solution.

Always forgive yourself.  Beating yourself up for things that you probably did not have control of anyway will bring you down.  Of course it is important to learn from the past mistakes, but you have to move on.  That means stop looking in the rear view mirror. Replace negative thoughts from the past with positive thoughts of the future. Tell yourself that you are human (and to err is human) but more importantly, you are forgiven.

Finally stop making excuses or acting as a victim. This is rationalization in the worse way.  It lets you off the hook and it is a never ending story.  Stop putting up these internal obstacles, and just get on with it.  Take it head on rather than accepting or settling with your negative situation.  Take the necessary steps and make the necessary changes.  This takes courage but I guarantee that it will get you out of a negative condition that you continue to make excuses for.  And you will feel so much better.

3. Create positive habits.  As Brian Tracy once said “Successful people are simply those with successful habits.”  Similarly we can say that positive people are simply those people with positive habits. 

Daily affirmations as mentioned before, it a great habit to start your day. It gets you in a positive frame of mind from the beginning and will help you through any rough periods. Write  them out on a card or piece of paper and make sure you read them every morning before work.

Take the time to meditate on a daily basis (in the early morning and late evening).  This is about being in a state of mind where you are thinking only encouraging, inspiring and motivational thoughts.  It will also help you to relax, reduce stress, and visualize good things that you want in your life.

Smile, smile and smile.  No matter how bad it is, look at the bright side of life. Remember things could be worse.  See the beauty and good that exists in everything and you will not be able to not smile.  Sometimes, all it takes to feel good is to put on a happy face – it can help to get you out of the negative condition right away.

Avoid negative co-workers, friends and associates. These people thrive on bad things and will pull you into their own vortex of negativity.  They will look for you to agree with them and when you don’t then you will be the target for their negative thoughts.  So avoid and reduce contact at all costs.  Conversely, always associate with positive people.

4.  Convey positivity every day.  Stand up and sit up straight. Walk as if you own the world.  Dress well.  Speak in a happy manner.  Be complimentary rather than critical of people (even if they deserve it). Remember to never burn a bridge, and criticizing a person in front of others will certainly do that.  Change your vocabulary – use words that evoke strength and success.  Speak well about yourself.  This does not mean bragging; it means being honest and forthright.

Always look at the glass being half full, rather than half empty.  This is a change in perspective and may require you to think before you speak.  Do I really want to say that?  If I heard that, how would I feel or how would I think of that person.  Look at things as an opportunity rather than a problem or hindrance.  Be constructive in your comments.

Do nice things and give of yourself, as it will make you feel good and enriched.  I am not saying go out of your way, but just saying thank you, opening doors, letting someone in ahead of you, being polite, smiling at someone, etc, are all worthwhile actions that make you stand out as a positive, giving individual.  It will also attract people to you.

So what is it going to be?  Are you going to continue to be a negative or “Il Positivo”? (hope you don’t mind… a little of my Italian coming out…lol:). 

It’s up to you and only you to change your mindset. So apply these simple considerations regularly and you will become a likeable, complimentary, constructive, confident and happy individual who conveys positivity and therefore attracts people to you rather than away from you.  

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After almost 25 years as an entrepreneur, I continue to grow my business, my passive income streams and my wealth. And now I mentor others on their wealth journeys by teaching them how to fund their own freedom lifestyle.

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