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My new book Creating Freedom is the essential guide to understanding and selecting a Network Marketing business.EbookCover It is a simple, no-bull, explanation that addresses the misconceptions and the benefits of this innovative but misunderstood business, while at the same time providing an uncomplicated process for doing your own due diligence.

It provides the facts and removes the emotion in this simple, easy to comprehend and informative book. It is a must read for anyone looking at a network marketing business.

4 Important Things You Will Learn

  1. Exactly why network marketing may be the right vehicle for you to create royalty residual income.
  2. How you can reduce your taxes with a home business.
  3. How leverage works and why it is the real secret to a freedom based lifestyle.
  4. How to fast track your success, make more money, gain more time and live “the 4 hour work week”.


This book explains how network marketing can help you “create freedom and build a life you love.” It lays out the important aspects of this business model, through a simple and direct approach. It ‘cuts to the chase’ to provide you with the information you need to know.

As a successful entrepreneur, trainer and real estate investor with a background that includes franchising, corporate training, human resource management and real estate investing, I believe in the need to diversify and create multiple income streams. The vehicles I have chosen to create financial freedom and wealth are through network marketing and real estate investing businesses.

To order my book… click here to go to Amazon.


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