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Enrich, Inspire, Prosper—They’re All About YouDeborah MacDonald

Those goals are all about you and your success as an entrepreneur, business owner or network marketing professional.

Hi, I’m Deborah MacDonald,  founder of Deborah MacDonald Training and Consulting, dedicated to helping business owners & entrepreneurs reach their personal and financial potential. But before you can trust me to inspire you to reach your potential, I want you to get to know a little about me.

My Early Story

My career evolved in the retail industry.  When I was in my 20s, I was a franchise owner of the Merle Norman Cosmetics retail outlet in the West Edmonton Mall.  I then went on to be a sales trainer for the Western Canada division of Estée Lauder.  Using that experience, I applied my skills to being the human resources manager for Beddington’s, a retail store group in Ontario.

But having a job as an employee has its limits, most notably on income and personal freedom.  Eventually, I reached the point where I wanted to take control of my life and financial future.  

My Current Story

So I became a network marketing professional of EvolvHealth, a company dedicated to helping people achieve their personal goals to take control of their health, lose weight, feel good, and reduce stress and illness.

As Founding Member with EvolvHealth, I earned the money I needed to open yet another door:  real estate investment.  I bought my first rental property, then a second and third and now, I have 13 properties that run on their own. In five years, I doubled my net worth and gained the financial freedom from residual income streams and now, I live my freedom and dream lifestyle.

The entrepreneur in me had the desire to empower others, so I started Deborah MacDonald Training and Consulting.  Now through my company, I can share my experience through training, seminars, workshops, coaching, and public speaking. I am now able to help others be successful and get them to where they want to go in business and in life.

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My Life, My Love

My family is the most important thing.  Since 1984, I’ve been married to the love of my life.  Our son, Kevin, is now in university; our daughter, Stacey, has completed her Master’s degree.

My Vision

In my life and work, my aim is to lead and inspire others (and that means you!) to take charge of their lives and live their dreams.

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