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May 30, 2018

The Power of a Championship Team

If you’ve been part of a sports team, you have a Mgreat understanding of teamwork and how everyone mutually benefits.

When it comes to the entrepreneurial environment, you have options:

1.  work alone as a solopreneur

2.  work with a partner

3.  work with a team of leaders

Many of you already know, I’m really big on being part of a team, as well as, leading a team.  It’s always been an integral part of my business and my previous careers.  I believe in like-minded people coming together working toward something bigger than themselves to achieve greatness.  It’s the absolute ‘win-win’ in work and life.

So, what do good team players look like?

Look for those who:

  1.  have high energy
  2.  a desire to move ahead in life
  3.  are willing to support others
  4.  take responsibility for their actions
  5.  bring their unique talent to the table


Oh, and don’t forget, they need to have a sense of humour:)

When success comes to us based on team efforts, it’s even more rewarding. This is what I get to experience every day single day in my social business!

I love seeing my team reach their goals and their dreams and at the same time be on purpose with our social giving back program of feeding malnourished kids (14 million servings in just over 2 years).

We all pull together and are there to encourage, inspire and motivate each other when the going gets tough.

Team work means raising people up.

  1. It’s about bringing out the best in others.
  2. It’s knowing we have each other’s back.
  3. It’s about recognizing each team player and celebrating our successes together, no matter how big or small.


Champions work hard at their talent.

They practice and practice.

They operate at peak performance.

They count on each other.

So, go for it!  Make your team a championship team!

“The star of the team is the team. ‘We’ supercedes ‘me’.” – Coach John Wooden



Stephen 1:09 pm - 22nd March:

Hi Deb,

Having tried both the solo mode and teamwork, there is no doubt that the team has much more power, despite the additional complexity. It is great practice to deal in complexity and the results are just so worth it. Thanks for the great reminder to one and all.

Take care, stay well, have fun!


Happiness Works

Deborah 5:55 am - 26th March:

Stephen – it’s great to get your perspective especially with having been on both sides. The whole team aspect can be brought in to everything we do within our networks at work or when engaging with family or friends. It’s a cool way to build trust with others.

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