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May 02, 2018

Are You Waiting for Your Pension Ship to Arrive?

Are you betting your comfy retirement on your pension funds?

Today, the average life expectancy in Canada is 84 for men and 87 for women.

So that means if the average retirement age is around 64 (according to Stats Canada) then we have at least another 20 or more years to live.

Almost ¼ of our life!  

Is your pension going to cover that period for you?

Surprisingly,  the Centenarians are the fastest growing sector of the population! So you might live even longer!

Oh no!

So what does this mean – many Canadians will need to work beyond 65, because they won’t have enough funds, whether it is personal savings, pensions or investments, to retire.

So your Pension Ship may have arrived but it may not have enough cargo to get you through the golden years.  

Or it may have already sank – Sears, Nortel, etc.

But fear not – all is not lost!  

Fortunately there are a lot of ways to mix and match retirement options – downsize, move to a less expensive locale, reduce your expenditures, etc.

Or you can find your second coming in life – your new purpose – generate additional income.

Why not start your own business and do something you want to do!  

You know Robert Kiyosaki taught me a long time ago about getting out of the rat race and his Cashflow Quadrant.

He taught me to get out of the employee (E) and self-employed (S) mindsets and into the business owner (B) and investor (I ) quadrants.

He taught me to be an entrepreneur, start my own business, invest in real estate and develop residual income.  

That’s what I did and I started late in life when I was in my mid 40s.

So don’t sit back and wait for it to happen, make it happen now.  

It’s never too late!  Contact me now to learn more and if I can help.

“Don’t wait for that Pension Ship to come in.  Build another ship and build it now!” Deborah MacDonald


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