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Apr 11, 2018

Feeding Kids and Why It Matters

I just got back from our national convention on Sunday with so much passion on our new social business model that we are rolling out over the next 6 weeks.

Then 2 days later, the memories rushed in, as it was the anniversary date of my 2nd daughter, Allison, who died at birth many years ago. She was a beautiful child but didn’t have a chance to live.

I tell you about this because, kids means so much to me and that is why I’ve embraced our social giving back program to kids, kids that are malnourished and need our help.

At our national convention, we launched our new social business model with our new CEO/President, Sam Caster who is passionate about helping kids. Sam and his wife Linda adopted 5 kids and have a global mission to eradicate malnutrition. When you link arms with people who truly want to make a difference, you know it’s possible to make change in the world.

I’ve been studying the social business movement and the concept of ‘conscious consumerism’. The first leader in this environment is Blake Mycoskie who launched his giving back program called TOMS Shoes. 

TOMS Shoes started this movement with its “one for one” program where in, if you bought a pair of TOMS shoes, a pair was given by TOMS Shoes to an impoverished child in need. In this model, you know where your contribution is going. TOMS has expanded its social business to giving eye care, safe drinking water, and even birthing kits to those in need when you purchase a related product from them.

That’s exactly what we do. Giving healthy meals to malnourished kids every time a customer buys one of our EvolvHealth whole foods nutritional products.

At our convention, we had the honour of meeting former Mexico president, Vincente Fox and his wife Marta who shared their passion for giving back to kids in need and the impact our Evolv giving back program has made to the kids in their orphanages.

The great news is that we have donated over 13 million servings to these kids in just two years!

I also had the privilege to meet these kids in orphanages in Mexico when we initially launched the program. We are addressing the world’s biggest problem, malnutrition, which kills 6 million children per year.  There is an incredible need to help these kids and we do that through our social business 1-1 giving model. 

In addition, child malnutrition hurts the brain’s cognitive function and contributes to poverty by impeding an individual’s ability to lead productive lives. That is why addressing malnutrition early in a child’s development is so critical.

This is a huge mission, one that is global, and one that has a clear purpose, and one that has many social benefits.

So do you want to have a purpose in your life?  

So many people go day by day, not knowing what they want, just getting by in life. There is more if you want to make a difference and if you want to be part of something greater than yourself.

Consumers are smart these days.  They want to know that by purchasing a product or service that an equitable amount is going to address a social issue.  I know this is one of the things I look for when purchasing products.

I am very proud to be in social business, to know that that I am doing more than just my own business.  To know that I am contributing to something much greater is important to me.  

That is why I embrace the social business model, our company leadership, and what it is doing.

Let me know your thoughts on this subject of social business and giving back.

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