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Mar 26, 2018

It’s Easter. 3 Ways to Hatch Your Golden Eggs.

It’s Easter! 

A time when we hide Easter eggs for our children to search for on Easter Sunday morning – a tradition I remember from my childhood.

It’s also the end of the fiscal year and a time when many of us start thinking about our finances and begin to are prepare for our income tax submission.  This can be a stressful time for many.

I know I have been preparing for the last couple of months because I need to organize all my information for the accountant. Can’t wait to get it completed in the next few days:) 

So that raises the question – Are you searching for a golden egg or are you building one?

And by golden egg, I don’t mean the one laid by the golden goose – I mean your golden egg or eggs.

Growing your golden eggs takes time.  You must accomplish profitable actions, not unprofitable ones, not like the farmer with the golden goose in Aesop’s Fable.  

“Don’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg.” – Aesop

As a farm girl, I know there is no ‘golden goose’!  But there are assets that produce golden eggs!

So what are the profitable actions you can take to generate golden eggs?

  1. Build residual income –  with vehicles such as direct selling businesses, on-line training programs, affiliate marketing businesses, writing books, membership sites, etc.
  2. Invest – this can be in the stock market, the real estate market, private wealth strategies, etc.
  3. Save – its always a good idea to save 20% of your income annually. Generally the 50/30/20 rule applies (50% necessities, 30% discretionary, 20% savings).


I realized early in life that I wanted a sports car. This taught me how to save. I bought my sports car when I was 21.

Then I learned about the power of real estate and residual income from Robert Kiyosaki, so I invested for the long term in real estate properties that produced residual cash flow.  Today I have a substantial real estate portfolio.

Then I saw the benefits of a home based business, so I started one, one that I can eventually sell or leave to my kids as my legacy.  And to support it, I wrote a book.

And this generated another business, one in which I coach and train others on how to do what I did – to build a better lifestyle through residual income.

We all know life is a journey.  We know that money does not grow on trees.

Finding and hatching your golden eggs takes time and commitment. And it is never too late to start.

So, determine your golden eggs, the ones that are important to you and start building more of it!

“Most people put money in their piggy bank. I buy a goose that lays golden eggs over and over again. That is what an asset is.”  – Robert Kiyosaki

So, tell me about your golden egg strategies. I’d love to hear from you!

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